Monday, June 12, 2006

Pain is inevitable but suffering is ur own choice

for those of u who r turning to my blog for a new bk review, i am sorry i am not getting enough time and energy to go thru new bks n comment on them.

Today i was looking @ one of my friend's online page and saw the quote in the title "Pain is inevitable but suffering is ur own choice ". The page contained an article abt love and the pain u feel in being ignored. I read that article and thought a lot abt the feelings of the person who wrote it. It was the same old story of a person who was ignored by his lady love. It looks that the person was a lovelorn, a person who was carelessly ignored, never did anyone feel sympathetic for him for the suffering that he had undergone. The Person had lots of similarities to the Knight in the poem by John Keats " La Belle Dame Sans Merci " ( The woman without mercy).......

At the bottom of the article there was a quote which is nthin but the above title. Immediately i serched for this poem on our best friend Google. I started looking at the knight's character keeping in mind the above quote and lots of questions popped up in my grey matter. Was the knight wrong in falling in love with the most beautiful woman he had ever met ?? was he wrong in believing that the woman too had the same feelings towards him after all that love and effection that she showed?? or was he wrong in wandering all over the place in search of that beautiful lady without mercy after she had ditched him ?? Finally i got the answer. Yeah the knight was right in falling in love with the lady but once he came to know that the lady had ditched him he shuld have returned to his normal life or atleast shuld have made an effort. I feel, this is the biggest mistake on part of the knight.

Yes , as the article in the link at the bottom states love strikes u @ some point in life. As they say it might probably be the most beautiful and joyful experience that u ever encounter. It might make u look @ everyone and everything in the world with a different frame of mind. Everything is fine till this point, But this is ur case, what abt the girl/guy whom ur having feelings towards ?? Is It the same with her ?? The answer is might not be.... One of my frenz @ college once said she is very sure that love is a feeling from both ends. What she ment and still means is When u get that feeling of love towards a person it is almost (she gave a 100p.c) sure that the person also has the same feelings towards u. she might be right, she might be wrong but the point i want to make is are we not treading a very thin line here and taking a lot of risk. U fall head on heals in love with the person and when u hear that inevitable words of "Sorry, I just thought u as a frend ", u turn out to be another knight in the making. But this might not be the case with all ppl, there might be some of them who avoid making that terrible mistake of thinking that everything is lost in this world and suffer, this is because they understand
"Pain is inevitable, but suffering is ur own choice"......

reference :

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The story of the china's development in the past 20 years has been nothing but phenomenal. With comapritive advantages of cheap labour and a 150 million strong middle class providing the necessary market, china was able to attract huge amounts of investments from the Industrial gaints of the western world. Inspite of being a late entrant into the race another rising Economic powerhouse in Asia, India, too had a fair amount of success in attracting Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) over a span of Ten years starting from 1990-92 when India opened it's gates for FDI in various sectors. This article is a comparison between the two nations which, have the potential and the necessary resources to cajole the framework in which the global market operates.

The 19th century undoubtedly belonged to the western world. With the rapid progress in technology, sectors like manufacturing became more productive. This led to the rise of comapnies like General motors, Ford etc... which gradually became the giants of the industry. However,the rising costs of labour and costs of other resources in the western countries forced these companies to look at other alternative territories that are rich in cheap labour and resources, thus came the term Global Companies and GLOBALIZATION. Countries in the east especially china and India accounting for 2/3 of the total world population provided these companies the ideal base to relocate their operations.

China opened its economy in the late 70s and the early 80s while India was able to do so only in the 90s (Communism Vs Democracy). This led to the establishment of huge manufacturing facilities in china by the fore mentioned companies and the others followed their suit. Industries like automotives, Textile, Leather have registered high CAGRs(compounded annual growth rate) in the past ten years in china.SEZs ( special Economic Zones) with attractive dollops like evasion of tax and other costs, were setup and Infrastructure was given the highest priority. Highways, Express ways, Bullet trains along with loads of other facilities like hospitals, shopping malls, Schools were built which attracted the foreign companies to put their money in the Dragon's basket. Soon most of the manufacturing has shifted to china and it got the sobriquet "The Factory Of the World".

While much of china's development and progress can be attributed to the manufacturing sector which requires cheap and unskilled labour force, India's success ( though less in comaprison to china) can be attributed to the semi skilled or high skilled sectors of IT, BPO and Pharmaceuticals. With huge pool of English speaking labour force and a democratic environment supported by a good legal setup(better than chinese communism) has prompted the western investors to put their money in India. Software Goliaths like IBM, Microsoft, Dell found India to be the ideal place for their BPO and IT Development business. The progress though is not only restricted to IT, Pharmaceuticals has also had it's share of growth. Comapnies like Ranbaxy, Cipla have made their mark in the Western World and have setup their operations over there.

Inspite of the much hyped Globalization taking place in both the countries it should be said that the fruits have not been reaped fully. The development in both the countries has been restricted only to a few cities. The likes of Shanghai and Beijing in china and Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore in India are the few cities where development has taken place. While the lack of a proper democratic setup along with a rigid legal system to protect the investments, a poor banking sector(gave away NPLs of 133bn$) are a major hitch for china, corruption and lack of proper infrastructure are proving to be the road blocks on India's path. Taking into consideration the fact that these nations are very young in the internatonal markets these problems very soon may fade into oblivion ( though china's case is doubtful).

On the Whole The rise of the Indian tiger and the Chinese Dragon have forced the world to sit up and take a look towards Asia. The global companies have realised the importance of India and China in their plans and now it is not a quetion of India or China but it is both India and China and making most of the synergies that are existing between them. As The great French Conquerer Naploean Bonaparte once quoted "Let China Sleep because when she awakes she will shake the world" he probably would have forgotten India in this quote but we can say the tremors from asia are already bieng felt all across the world.... are we in for an Earthquake ?? only time can answer.

Reference : Business Outlook (Special Issue, 5th june 2006)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Manchu Parvatam -- A Review

andariki vandamu !!

"dhavala VarNam too dhaga dhaga merusthu niSi kanya asthitvanni savaalu chesedi a manchu parvatam......
ushOdaya veLa bhanuni ki tellani chiru navvuto swagatam cheppedi a manchu parvatam.........
yuga yugaluga endaro kavulaku , kala karulaku spurthinichhinadi a manchu parvatam......
pranava nadaniki nilayamga , pranava swaroopuni natyaniki veedikaga praabhavanni santarinchukonnadi a manchu parvatam........"
( this is my own )

intaTi charitra kaligina a parvatam meeda unna manchu karigipOtE manaki gOcharinchEdi oka maamuulu parvatam........pratii manishi oka manchu parvatam vanti vaaDani........manchu ni kariginchaTaniki sUryarasmi saripoyinaTlu manishilo asalu manishini valiki teeyaTaaniki oka chinna sandarbham chaalunani cheppe yanDamuuri veerEndranaath rachana meeda oka chinna vyaakhyaanam..........

This is a recent addition to the number of books i have been going thru in the past few months. for a change this is a telugu (my mother tounge) book and it has to be said that it has all the right ingredients to make it worth reading. Of course, when u start readin a Endamuri Veerendranath novel all u expect is it to be Gud at the minimum.

Coming from the pen of one of the most prolific writers in telugu language Manchu parvatam is a story about four young girls Vijayanti, Bhargavi, Anuradha and Vaishali who at the dawn of their youth part each other in pursuit of a nice future(higher education to be exact). Before they leave the college they make a pact to meet in the same college after 15 years and discuss their experiences and the things they have learnt in course of time. The rest of the story is about how the lives of these four girls change over a span of fifteen years.

The storyline is nice with a gud narration style that has been a HallMark of Endamuri for quite sometime now. The Title MANCHU PARVATAM(Snow Clad mountain) suits the story well. For those of you who have gone through some of the other novels of EV like tulasidalam, Atade ame sanyam etc... u might find this a bit discomforting. For an author who has made his mark in the action domain EV has made a commendable job in trying to present a different theme. The story speaks of how every human in this world resembles a Snowy mountain.To put in the author's words
"Every one is a like a snowy mountian. Though it looks a lot peaceful and a lot beautiful on the outside, the mountains true nature and the unevenness it has got is revealed only when the ice melts. Similarly, Every person has an inner self which gets revealed at the appropriate time."
On the whole it can be said that this book is a gud one to read and Ofcourse thumbsup to EV.