Thursday, November 22, 2007

What to do when u dont have work at the office ?

Actually , I would not have been writing this , if it were a month ago. Now that my project is almost over and my project manager somehow is reluctant to release me , i think it is the best scenario one can ever be to speak on this topic.
It has been over a fortnight since i had some concrete work to do. My last KT (Knowledge Transfer) session happened over a week back and since then all i have been doing is passing time or at least I am thinking so. So for all of you who are in a similar situation i have a few tips here.

1 ) Best thing is to make good use of the flexi timings that companies make a highlight of in the placements. It is "Late to the office , early to leave " .

2 ) Make full use of orkut. Browse and browse till u hate it.

3 ) you tube ..... probably one thing that you would never get bored of. Keep watching all the videos.

4 ) Write blogs. you can probably put in some of your exp ...... like me.

5 ) finally keep on pestering your manager for a change of project else even the you tube becomes routine and boring.

6 ) Of course watch cricinfo , hope that another pakistani wicket falls.

7 ) this might taste sour for some of you but i am reading the article "Rise of Indian Middle Class" in the McKinsey Quarterly. For those of u really interested you can sign up for this mag it is worth reading. For those of u who are not just ignore this tip.

If any one has any more suggestions .... do post them in the comments.