Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Linnanmaki Experience episode 1

I had a gr8 day today. I know it might sound like a cliche but today the day just sped past me. At exactly 12 in the night (finnish time and on my lappy) i write this post and right now i am thinking about what i did today morning. It already seems as if it were a distant happening. I set about doing something and did something else. I woke up at 8:45 in the morning and was out on the street by 9:00 to have a hair cut , saw sthin labelled a make up bar , mistook it for a barber shop , came on to the street again , somehow felt i need to buy chapatis , ended up buying onions , cauliflower and chapatis. Phew , from haircut to cauliflower.

Well , i got control of myself and came back home , relaxed a bit, took bath, watched the crap about some military aircrafts on BBC or CNN (i dont remember) , cooked some food and by the time it was finished it was nearly 12. I put in some clothes for washing in the machine and suddenly i decided on going to the linnanmaki amusement park (well i had thought of this for the last two days , but somehow i felt "yeah now is the time" ). I left the house in an hour and went to linnanmaki. I wasnt sure how it is going to be , wasnt sure if it would be worth it (damn Indian mentality :) ). However , i am glad that i continued.

The ticket costed me 33 euros and the first ride i went for was the giant wheel. I expected sthin gr8 , given that it is "foreign" . Crap, the giant wheel in the "exhibition" in vizag was way better than this. This one took me at a slow speed to the top of the wheel and after one round , the operator came and told that the ride was over . The Finnish ladies sitting next to me were already frightened . I asked him "Is that it ?" which brought a weird look on his face "what else do you want ?" . However , he was polite enough to say "That is it" with a smile. I was skeptical at this moment that my day was going to crash. However , i think fate had a different plan for me and i went to hop to the next ride "Kirnu". This turned out to be the complete antithesis of the pervious ride. It was a loopy curve standing tall at around 20 mts and the roller would rotate and revolve and would put you on the edge of the loop , where you would feel "If this buckle holding me goes down , i would go straight up ". I would say this was a great ride as my mind was still in the loop long after the ride was over.

What if i fall .is the way down or up ?

Then i took the Karuselli ride , which was sthin similar to the ones in Indian exhibitions. So nthin much about this. But the next ride , the roller coaster ride is sthin good to talk about. It is a complete wodden roller coaster. It has been there since 1951 (atleast the map i have right now says so) and it was a good ride. The ups and downs and dark tunnel added to the excitement. It was sort of a balanced experience till now , give that the giant wheel was a very bad start. However , the next rides were going to be gr8.

From the roller coaster , i went to the "Kieputin" (which by the end of the day turned out to be my favourite). It is a massive box encased between two giant arms. The real fun however , was that the box turned in a manner similar to the way a cook turned the dosa (i know the comparison is very weird , but then it is true.) The box turns so much in so less a time that you would find staring at the land one second , at the sky the other and again at the land the next. So the speed is the awesome part. In addition to that , the fountain dances right below your eyes and you just cant stop shouting out of ecstasy (well for some it might be fear). However , it is a gr8 , gr8 ride and you would love it . Not only for the ride but also for the noise every one around you makes . The kids just couldnt stop screaming. It was simply splendid.
The Water dances right under your eyes
By now , i was pretty sure that there are atleast two gr8 rides here and even if the others suck , i can manage with these two ( i had a full day pass and could take the rides as many times as i wanted). However , more was yet to come and i went up for the latest craze Salama (It was started this year). That didnt disappoint either . At a top speed of 60kmph and a hieght of 17 mts, with all the steep bends it was a fun. After Salama I thought it is time to twirl again and i took upon one of the scariest (craziest) machines that i ever sat on. This was the Kieppi (german made). After the ride , i just couldnt help appreciate the rubber that was gaurding my face and ears. My head was moving in all the possible directions (so did the instrument) right , left , up and down. It was pretty fast and i actually screamed. In addition to the speed and the angles the ride lasted around 3 minutes and that seemed like ages.

More to follow ......