Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Linnanmaki Experience episode 2

After Kieppi , it was time for some fun with the water and linnanmaki has two nice rides which would leave you drenched (both in ecstasy and ofcourse water). The rides harjakuru and Vonkaputous were really nice. After these two i went to have a look at the scarry house. Well , it wasnt as scary as some of the others in India but the best thing here was the puzzle we need to solve to get out. I was in a complete 3D environment (i had the special glasses ofcourse) and the walk through the maze was simply exciting. The path was full of mirrors arranged so correctly that you cant see your reflection till you are close enough to it. You would think that would be the way and suddenly some ghost would scream at you from the mirror. I was good enough to lead myself and a group of 5 ppl out and ofcourse received their appreciation for it :) . It was around 6 in the evening by then and i was thinking i can go for a repeat of the rides. But then the day wasnt supposed to be so normal.

I suddenly realized that i didnt switch of the washing machine before i came. I rushed off the park , caught the immediate tram and rushed to my house to find that the washing machine wasnt running though the power was on. Looks like it had a timer of some sort , which shut it down automatically. Thanks to technology. I however didn't want to let the remaining one hour of my pass go waste so i went back to the park in another 20 mins and repeated five of the rides. I was so caught up by those water games that i took that ride 4 times and was completely wet by the time i finished. I felt that the best way to dry myself is to go for one of the faster rides (expected the wind to help me). I went for the Kieppi again (the german one). The shouts and screams by the kids just made the environment so energetic.

It was good and ofcourse the time was nearing for the park to be closed. It was finally 9 in the night by the time i finished the ride and i was completely exhausted by now. I went to the coke shop, looking for one final drink (i make it sound like i was boozing :) ). The lady was about to close the shop , but was in good enough mood to make the last sale. I couldnt use my card as she shutdown the machine. I paid in cash and sat on the bench to enjoy my coke. I caught up the tram home and was completely tired by the time i reached. However , it was worth it as i had a gr8 day of fun.

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