Saturday, October 18, 2008


7 : 30 in the morning and it is a bright sunny day and hopefully it shall remain like that. It has been quite a long time since my last post.

Finland experience has been great. Being in another country that is geographically , culturally and economically different from India, with friendly and helpful people has taught me quite a few things.The experience has for sure made me a more mature person. One of the important points that i have learnt about is that we Indians make a fuss about racism.I now accept the fact that everyone is racist in a way. Whether it is the Europeans or the Americans or we Indians , everyone has some sort of negative feeling about people of other race. When someone asks me did you experience any such incidents in Finland , I immediately say yes ofcourse , but then it didnt hurt me but made me introspect more. When a colleague of mine said "It is difficult for me to identify dark people" , I remember the n number of comments that i made of the chinese. I dont think there is anything to complain.

Coming back to India , made me appreciate a lot of things. I sorely missed the atmosphere , the hustle and bustle of city life and ofcourse the food and the family. Eating a masala dosa at the usual balaji tiffin point rejuvanated my taste buds. Getting back to people who speak what i speak and who act like the way i do gave me a comfort that i missed back in Finland. Now that i had shifted to a new place , with my college frenz for company , life is more interesting. Going to movies , eating out at 11 / 12 in the night , putting lachha over and over is like going back to the good old college days.

Now i have a chance to go to another country , another continent. When one of my colleagues asked me are you excited about going there ? , i wasnt sure. In a way it is good , i shall have more experiences to share , shall get an opputunity to visit many more beautiful places and might look at things from an entirely different angle. So till i find time , enthusiasm and motivation to write another post , cya.