Monday, June 14, 2010

The first of the essays

It has been highly packed weekend. I wrote my essays for Fuqua. I was a little surprised they didnt mention their Leader of Consequences and havent asked how you wish to be one. But I guess they gave enough hints that they want you to emphasize on this point. The first question about inspiration for the carrer path was a little tricky one as there was a fine line between the career path and the job you want. I am glad that my friends helped me identfiy it. I was writing saying I want to become a consultant at McKinsey / bain / booz / Deloitte but later realized that the question asks for something much more higher. Why would you want to be a consultant and what is the impact that you are going to have on the community in that role. By the time I finished it off (12 in the night yesterday) I felt I brought out the best that I could.

The second question was straight forward asking you to tell them how your background , values and nonwork activities would enhance the learning of the duke community. This was the easiest of the lot and luckily I had quite a few things to speak about. Though I have been an IT consultant for the last four years , I have had a chance to work for clients across various industries and help them solve problems related to their supply chains. This business knowledge I have from an IT perspective would certainly enhance the learning of my peers. I have taken initiatives at work and out of it , shishu mandir where I run the english teaching program was a good example to have along with my work for i2 share for the past 4 years.

The third one was the straight forward why duke and I stressed on how Dr.Sheppard's session and the alumni over there impressed me. How collaborative environment appeals to me and how Duke's course strength in Operaions and strategy would help me. The template I followed was that of pleasing the beautiful chic. Say I want this / I see myself as XYZ and hence Duke as you have ABC that would help me becom XYZ. I shall keep you happy by doing CDF and ERT.....

On the whole I spent the entire weekend writing , rewriting and re re rewriting three essays.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

for some sanity....

I have been going crazy over the last week. The applications are catching up with me and I still feel I haven't done enough research about the schools , though I have been studying them and gathering facts for the best part of an year. Essays of atleast two schools are out , one of which is my top choice , so started writing outlines for the essays. However much you write it feels as if something is lacking. Leadership in and out of work , values , background , inspiration and aspirations, why ?, why now ?, why me ? and various other possible questions , all swirling in my head and of course in front of my eyes. I am beginning to get a picture of how it is going to be like to work on 5-7 apps simultaneously. With the prospect of a US travel looming large and working at the customer place being as difficult as it ever is , I am looking for some sanity in my world that is slowly exploring the realms of insanity.

All isn't bad as it appears , coz there are some comfort points though.
1 ) My poetry is definitely helping me. Just wrote my own version for one of the best songs in Telugu. I feel I am becoming a decent poet :) , anyways it is helping me relax and takes my mind of the schools and apps.

2 ) Shishu Mandir , I am really fond of this and can't wait for the next saturday. Worked with JDA to buy 300 books in Hindi , Kannada and English for the Saturday teaching sessions we organize. The school teachers have been really thankful and have sent an appreciation mail. Couldn't help read it and re read it multiple times. Never felt so happy.

3 ) Recently completed another presales projects. Should really thank my manager. When the Client sent the appreciation mail only to him , he made sure that I received the credit by forwarding it my directors with the following note ...

Gordon, Jason

Credit for this work should go to Prasad, as he took extra effort and time over & above his current engagement to develop this prototype.Looking forward to engage in this implementation activity soon.

Well that makes your day ,.... wouldn't it .... Writing an outline for the duke essays , time to go back .. cya..